woensdag 4 juli 2012

Beach and Reef clean up Gili Islands Gili Air 4th July

Yesterday 12 people joined the beach and reef clean up in the front of Oceans 5 dive resort, Gili air, Gili islands. After sorting out all the equipment there was a briefing about the dive site, max dive time, max depth, what kind of rubbish we should take, how to take out the rubbish and be aware that some rubbish is already new living for someone... Before the buddy teams were formed everyone has got some gloves and a bag. After one hour of diving the result was 10 bag full of rubbish, all kind of things. Dont think that the divers didnt see anything else than plastic, thats not true. Seahorses, pipefish, mimic octopus etc were all around during the clean up. For more information: info@oceans5dive.com

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