dinsdag 26 november 2013

Why IDC Gili Islands with Oceans 5?

[caption id="attachment_2091" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]PADI IDC Gili Air with Oceans 5 dive resort PADI IDC Gili Air with Oceans 5 dive resort [/caption] I just been certified as an OWSI/MSDT thanks to Camille, on Gilli Air, Oceans 5. We were all from a different background,about 6 of us, and during the IDC, Camille, our Course Director, managed to make it easy and fun, showing patience and dutch humor as well as lots of knowledge. None of us spoke English as their native language, but we manage to understand and passed the IE with confidence (The 6 of us did) counting the fact that we're coming from very different horizons. IE can seem impressive and stressful, but He taught us with interactivity on a comfortable way, made us feeling involved understanding the PADI teaching system. I'm very grateful I've learned with Camille, and couldn't expect better from a Course Director that allowed us to believe in ourselves, to begin on a solid base, starting our PADI instructor career with confidence. Franck Chevrolat, France, OWSI, October 2013, Gili Air, Indonesia I wish to express my gratitude to Camille Lemmens, PADI Course Director. I recently took my IDC with Camille in preparation for my IE. I want to let you now that the course was tough, hard work, but also interesting, informative, widened my diving knowledge but above all fun. Camille is a very good teacher and was able and capable of answering all questions as well as prepare me and the others for the IE. I would highly recommend Camille to others. 'Professor' David Traversa, Italy, OWSI, October 2013, Gili Air, Indonesia "From what we get, we make a living. From what we give, we make a life". And with this attitude Camille prepared us (me and 5 boys!) during the IDC in October 2013, on Gili Air at Oceans 5. Excited as I was at day one, more comfortable I was on day 2, looking forward to day 3, learning interesting facts about your passion on day 4, feeling more and more confidence about Physics and stuff on day 5, having fun with my boys in the pool at day 6, having a Bintang with the group on day 7, feeling sad that it all almost comes to an end at day 8... and being supported during the IE at day 9 & 10 by Camille. I feel lucky. I learned a lot and had fun. Most important aspect of all is that I felt comfortable, which increases the ability to learn. An aspect that I will take with me as a Padi dive instructor! Thanks! Michelle Gina Heeringa, the Netherlands, OWSI, October 2013, Gili Air, Indon

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