zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

New guests at Oceans 5 dive resort

A few day ago a fishermen arrived in the early morning at Oceans 5 with a few plastic buckets. He asked us if we could do something for the little turtels he bought.

We were surpised what we saw. In the plastic buckets were around a`100 baby turtles, just born, and very small. He told us if we didnt do anything that these turtles are going to the fish market in Lombok.

Oceans 5 bought the turtles but told the fishermen that this was the only and last time that we pay for turtles.

Nun, one of staff members and an expert in turtles caring, will take care of the 100 little baby ones. We will observe them carefully, and monitor their growth.

At this moment we are building for the turtles a new houses, so that the can grow up stress free.

By Oceans 5 dive resort