donderdag 26 juli 2012

beach and reef clean up high season Gili Air

Oceans 5 dive resort organinise even during high season beach and reef clean ups. It doesnt matter how many people are interested in diving and cleaning the reef in front of Oceans5. All what matter is that people become more aware about the rubbish in the ocean and the effect of it on the ocean. Oceans 5 dive resort organise every week a beach and reef clean up. If you lijke to join contact us at:

zaterdag 21 juli 2012

Release of a seastar

A few days ago a tourist was waiting for his boat in the harbor of Gili Air. He was carrying a seastar with him. One of our customers saw it it and asked the person what he was doing. The person wanted to take the seasstar back to Belgium, as a souvenir. After a long talk about not taking things out of the oceans, the person gave the seastar to Pablo. The seastar was at that moment more than 22 hours outof the water. Pablo put the seastar in a bucket of seawater to see if it was still alive. A Yes it was, Pablo has released the seastar in front of Oceans 5 dive resort. Hopefully it will be there for a long time. Please dont take everything out of the oceans as souvenir. Most of the things will be used by animals, or are living creatures.

vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Turtle release Gili Air 20 of July

The Gili Islands are famous for their turtles. All around the 3 little islands on the north side of lombok you will find them. It doesnt matter if you snorkel or dive the turtles are always around. The most common turtles around the Gili Islands are the Hawksbill and Green Turtle , but there are also Olive Ridleys. Oceans 5 dive resort is taking care of 50 little Hawksbill turtles and 1 big Olive Ridley turtle. Twice a day they are getting food and new seawater. The little ones are growing fast and the big one is still recovering of an injury. But yesterday Oceans 5 dive resort released a few turtles. they were released close to the oceans, and a few minutes later they found the water. Hopefully we see them later duing some dives... Happy travels little ones....

donderdag 19 juli 2012

Reef clean up Gili Air, Gili Islands, 19th July

Yesterday is was clean up day at Oceans 5 dive resort. It ,eans clean up the beach, the oceans and the reefs in front of Oceans 5. Oceans 5 is located in the harbor of Gili Air. All the fast boats from Bali are arriving there and that means a lot of tourist leave their garbage behind and that dissapear in the ocean. Oceans 5 organises every week a clean up, cuz the reef in front of the resort is a brilliant reef to see all kind of things, like seahorses, pipefish, nudis, mimic octopus and mandarin fish. Also Oceans 5 likes to make more people aware how important the oceans are for our planet. This time 7 people joined the clean up and the result was 6 bags full of rubbish. Oceans 5 like to thank every one who joined and for who wants to join : or come into our shop on Gili Air, Gili Islands.

maandag 16 juli 2012

Facts about the Bluefin Tuna

Here are some facts about the Bluefin Tuna. Think about when you are next time in a Susi restaurant, or when you like to eat BBQ tuna. For more informatiom:

zondag 15 juli 2012

Busy times, high season is starting...

The last few days the amount of people arriving on Gili Air is increasing. We see them every day arriving in front of Oceans 5 dive resort with the fast boats from Bali. Not all of the people who are visiting Gili Air are diving but a lot of them do. Diving, and snorkeling are the main attractions of the island. It is beautiful world under the water and you can find it all around the Gili Islands. For people who never dived before, there are pools to try scuba diving, like the Oceans 5 pool. A 25 meter pool specially made for scuba diving. It is a perfect place to start your first dive experiences. Yesterday Oceans 5 dive resort had 21 students in the pool. If you look at the picture you will see there is space for everyone, and that the instructor are teaching only small groups, max 4 persons. If you like more information about scuba diving around the Gili Islands:

woensdag 11 juli 2012

Turtle release and beach/reef clean up at Oceans 5 dive resort

Oceans 5 dive resort is taking care of their environment. They do with with their weekly beach and reef clean up in the harbor of Gili Air, Gili Islands. But also Oceans 5 has a turtle conservation programme. Yesterday Oceans 5 did a clean up in the harbor of Gili Air with 6 people. They found a lot of rubbish, in total 6 bags. Plastic bottles, cans, chips bags, wood, stone, glass, etc are the main part of the collected rubbish. A few hour later Oceans 5 released 25 turtles. They have been for 3 months at Oceans 5 dive resort and they are now big enough to experience the real world. In the beginning they didnt know where to go, but all found their way to the water and dived into it. After a few goodbyes all turtles decided to swimm yo the deep part. Hopefully we see them one day....

woensdag 4 juli 2012

Beach and Reef clean up Gili Islands Gili Air 4th July

Yesterday 12 people joined the beach and reef clean up in the front of Oceans 5 dive resort, Gili air, Gili islands. After sorting out all the equipment there was a briefing about the dive site, max dive time, max depth, what kind of rubbish we should take, how to take out the rubbish and be aware that some rubbish is already new living for someone... Before the buddy teams were formed everyone has got some gloves and a bag. After one hour of diving the result was 10 bag full of rubbish, all kind of things. Dont think that the divers didnt see anything else than plastic, thats not true. Seahorses, pipefish, mimic octopus etc were all around during the clean up. For more information:

zondag 1 juli 2012

Oceans clean up Gili Air

Every week Oceans 5 dive resort tries to organise a beach and reef clean up in the front of their dive resort. Last week 16 persons joined the the reef clean up. The group was split up in smaller groups with all their own local divemaster. The result of the clean up was 12 bags of rubbish. Its all kind of rubbish. The dive site looks a bit better now and Oceans 5 dive resort like to thank all the the people who joined the clean up and think about the environment around the Gili Islands. For more information: