woensdag 29 februari 2012

The Padi instructor development course with Oceans 5 dive resort is a this moment half way. The candidates Sybren, David, Brandon, Jmal, Max, and Rafael are doing great. Under instructions of Padi IDC staff member Eric and Platinum Padi course director they are learning every day new things.

The candidates have every day a little bit home work after a full day of activities. Yesterday everyone went for an open water session. All passed and were very happy, they have seen a lot of skills , so there will be no surprises during the Padi Instructors Exame held on the 6th and 7th of March.

dinsdag 28 februari 2012

A few days ago it was time for 17 Olive Ridley turtles to go into the big blue. After a stay of 6 months in the water basins of Oceans 5 dive resort, these turtles were big enough to stay a long time underwater and enjoy their natural enviroment of the sea.

Oceans 5 wants to thank all the people who were taking care of these turtles, Simone Sauren (marine biologist), Nun, Bahry, Madjid and Rizal. And ofcourse all the people who donate some so that the turtles become stong and healthy enough to return to the sea.

At this moment Oceans 5 dive resort has still 50 Olive Ridleys in the water basisins. They have to wait for an other release when the are bigger and stronger to see the blue.

For the released turtles enjoy your freedom, maybe we see you during a dive…..!

maandag 13 februari 2012

Padi instructor development course (IDC) start in a few days at Oceans 5, Gili Islands

Oceans 5 dive resort organises a Padi instructor development course (IDC) in a few days. ourse starts the 21th of February with a 2 day preparation followed by a 10 days instructor development course. The Padi instructor exame is scheduled on the 6-7th of March.

The Course Director of this IDC is Camille Lemmens. Camille Lemmens is a Platinum Padi Course Director and conducts his IDCs in Dutch, English, German and French. He taught more than 300 people how to become an instructor.

If you are interested in doing your instructor course at Oceans 5 dive resort or if you want to have more information contact us at the following email adress: info@oceans5dive.com

vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Reef Clean up with Oceans 5 dive resort the 8th of February

Oceans 5 dive resort, Gili Islands, organise every wednesday during the low season a Reef Clean Up. The Reef clean Up is totally free and everyone can join.

People who are certified divers can join the clean up underwater while the others can help to clean the beaches or the boat crew with collecting the rubbish from the divers.

Every raining season there comes a lot of rubbish from the ocean into the little harbor of Gili Air. The harbor of Gili Air is a fantastic place to muck dive. And it will a shame that this all will disapear if we dont do anything. To be sure that we can still enjoy the beauty of the Ornate Gostpipe fish, Frog fish, Mandarine fish, Mimic octopus, and much much more we organise these clean ups.

Last wednesday Oceans 5 organised another Clean Up and it was a huge success. Students, fundivers, locals, staff and instructors were helping to get rid of all the rubbish.

If you are interested in joining the Reef Clean Up or if you want more information about the Clean Ups send us an email to info@oceans5dive.com