vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Reef Clean up with Oceans 5 dive resort the 8th of February

Oceans 5 dive resort, Gili Islands, organise every wednesday during the low season a Reef Clean Up. The Reef clean Up is totally free and everyone can join.

People who are certified divers can join the clean up underwater while the others can help to clean the beaches or the boat crew with collecting the rubbish from the divers.

Every raining season there comes a lot of rubbish from the ocean into the little harbor of Gili Air. The harbor of Gili Air is a fantastic place to muck dive. And it will a shame that this all will disapear if we dont do anything. To be sure that we can still enjoy the beauty of the Ornate Gostpipe fish, Frog fish, Mandarine fish, Mimic octopus, and much much more we organise these clean ups.

Last wednesday Oceans 5 organised another Clean Up and it was a huge success. Students, fundivers, locals, staff and instructors were helping to get rid of all the rubbish.

If you are interested in joining the Reef Clean Up or if you want more information about the Clean Ups send us an email to info@oceans5dive.com

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