woensdag 12 oktober 2011

PADI instructor development course (IDC) starts the 16th of November at Oceans 5 dive resort

Oceans 5 dive resort will conduct another Padi instructor development course this year. This time it starts on November the 16th.

The first few days is a preparation, the candidates will practise their dive skills, dive knowledge (dive theory, standards and procedures) and their rescue skills. After the preparartion the IDC will starts with Camille Lemmens as Padi course director.

Camille Lemmens is the only Platinum Padi course director on the Gilis. He spreaks fluent English, Dutch, German and French.

Oceans 5 dive resort facilities are made for an IDC, Oceans 5 has a 25 meter pool, a modern classroom with flatscreen, a open water training site just 5 min away from the dive shop.

For further information visit our website: http://www.indonesia-idc.com

maandag 10 oktober 2011

FC Oceans 5 dive resort won their second football game

FC Oceans 5 is still in the race to become football champion of the Gilis.

Yesterday Oceans was played a really important game. If they didnt win the game it was the end in the tournament. Everybody knew this, so the first few minutes the game was a little bit nervous. But finally FC Oceans had got some grip on the game and made a brilliant goal.

After the goal FC Oceans 5 was pulling back, thinking that they were much better than FC Scallywags. Ofcourse when you act like that they will make a goal. And they did. FC Scallywags made a wicked goal, and it should be one of the most beautiful goals of the tournament. It was FC Oceans 5 own fault, they let FC Scallywags grow in the game.

But after the goal, FC Oceans 5 woke up, straight in a few minutes times there was an Oceans 5 goal. It hammerd into the net as no one ever seen before during this tournament.

If you want to see more games or support some other team, everyday there is a football game on Gili Trawangan.