maandag 10 oktober 2011

FC Oceans 5 dive resort won their second football game

FC Oceans 5 is still in the race to become football champion of the Gilis.

Yesterday Oceans was played a really important game. If they didnt win the game it was the end in the tournament. Everybody knew this, so the first few minutes the game was a little bit nervous. But finally FC Oceans had got some grip on the game and made a brilliant goal.

After the goal FC Oceans 5 was pulling back, thinking that they were much better than FC Scallywags. Ofcourse when you act like that they will make a goal. And they did. FC Scallywags made a wicked goal, and it should be one of the most beautiful goals of the tournament. It was FC Oceans 5 own fault, they let FC Scallywags grow in the game.

But after the goal, FC Oceans 5 woke up, straight in a few minutes times there was an Oceans 5 goal. It hammerd into the net as no one ever seen before during this tournament.

If you want to see more games or support some other team, everyday there is a football game on Gili Trawangan.

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