woensdag 11 juli 2012

Turtle release and beach/reef clean up at Oceans 5 dive resort

Oceans 5 dive resort is taking care of their environment. They do with with their weekly beach and reef clean up in the harbor of Gili Air, Gili Islands. But also Oceans 5 has a turtle conservation programme. Yesterday Oceans 5 did a clean up in the harbor of Gili Air with 6 people. They found a lot of rubbish, in total 6 bags. Plastic bottles, cans, chips bags, wood, stone, glass, etc are the main part of the collected rubbish. A few hour later Oceans 5 released 25 turtles. They have been for 3 months at Oceans 5 dive resort and they are now big enough to experience the real world. In the beginning they didnt know where to go, but all found their way to the water and dived into it. After a few goodbyes all turtles decided to swimm yo the deep part. Hopefully we see them one day....

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