vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Turtle release Gili Air 20 of July

The Gili Islands are famous for their turtles. All around the 3 little islands on the north side of lombok you will find them. It doesnt matter if you snorkel or dive the turtles are always around. The most common turtles around the Gili Islands are the Hawksbill and Green Turtle , but there are also Olive Ridleys. Oceans 5 dive resort is taking care of 50 little Hawksbill turtles and 1 big Olive Ridley turtle. Twice a day they are getting food and new seawater. The little ones are growing fast and the big one is still recovering of an injury. But yesterday Oceans 5 dive resort released a few turtles. they were released close to the oceans, and a few minutes later they found the water. Hopefully we see them later duing some dives... Happy travels little ones....

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