zaterdag 2 juni 2012

Oceans 5 dive resort won their 3th futsal match, Gili Islands

Yesterday a game to get to the semi finals at the Gili Air Futsal tournament: Oceans 5 dive resort against the Sultan Family. Before the game started there was excitement in the air. The players were all nervous. The team that will win will get to the semi finals of the Gili Air futal tournament 2012. And hopefully it will reach the final. But before the teams are there they had to play the game. Oceans 5 scored in the first 5 minutes a goal and it loked an easy ame for theam. Every time a player showed up alone in front of the goal keeper, but the players forgot to score. It was Oceans 5 own fault that Sultan came back in the game. And even through a silly handsball, which lead to a penalty, Sultan Family was before halftime the leading team 2-1. In the second half Oceans 5 took over, it walked over Sultan Familty. They didnt get a real chance to get in the game. A 6-3 for Oceans 5 was the result. Oceans 5 dive resort had a guest player, the new Padi instructor Rasta Peet, played a very good game and hopefully he will be there for Oceans 5 in the semi final.

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