woensdag 5 september 2012

Weekly reef clean up at Oceans 5 dive resort Gili Air great success!

Diving around the Gili Islands is fantastic. To make your dives more joyable and to make you more aware about what garbage, rubbish can do with the underwater world, Oceans 5 organise every week beach and reef clean ups. In the last few months we collected a lot of rubbish. And at his time we see more marinelife than before. A few days ago we spotted a white tip reef shark, a wonderpus and a few robust pipefish in the harbor. We are really happy that all our work and time results in a better reef and a broader awareness of reef conservation on the island. But we are not there, there are many things that we individually can do! We can as divers create a good dive behavior, not touching and taking things away. We can improve our bouyancy. But even as a non diver you can help us to take some batteries we have back to the western world where they recycle them. If you like to know more about Gili Air, eco projects or clean ups: info@oceans5dive.com

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