zondag 14 oktober 2012

Facts about the Ornate Ghostpipefish

The Ornate Ghostpipefish is an unually shaped species that occurs in tropical and warm termperate waters of the Indo-west Pacific. Identification The Ornate Ghostpipefish can be recognised by its distinctive body form with slender appendages on the body and fins. It has deeply incised membranes in the dorsal, caudal and ventral fins. Its colour varies from almost totally black to semi-transparent with red, yellow, and white scribbling, spots and blotches. Size range The species grows to 10 cm in length. Similar Species Ghostpipefishes are different to seahorses in several ways. A ghostpipefish’s head is held at an angle to the body, but not at such a large angle as that of the seahorse. Ghostpipefishes have two dorsal fins whereas a seahorse only has one. In addiction, ghostpipefishes do not have a pouch in which the young are reared, instead a female ghostpipefish (rather than the male seahorse) looks after the eggs in a pouch formed by her modified ventral fins. These fins are greatly expanded and united with the abdomen along the upper margin and together below for a brood pouch. Distribution It has a widespread distribution in tropical waters of the Indian and western Pacific Oceans. The Ornate Ghostpipefish is usually solitary, but has also been observed in pairs or small groups. Here around the Gili Island you will see Ornate Ghostpipe fish at Hans Reefs, Bounty wreck, Teluk Nara, Oceans 5 house reef and Mentiggi bay. You can find all the different colours and sizes. Most of the times they are in shallow waters. For more information about fish, Oceans 5 dive resort organises marine biology classes, info@oceans5dive.com

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