woensdag 19 december 2012

Facts about thge Giant Trevally

Description All twenty-five species of trevally have elongated, compressed bodies and deeply forked caudal fins, with long, sickle shaped pectoral fins. The Giant Trevally (also known as the ulua, ronin jack and “GT”) is the most prized of the species by anglers and is identifiable by an ovoid patch of small scales located on the breast ahead of the ventral fins. Coloration for the Giant Trevally can range from silvery-white to almost jet-black. The Giant Trevally uses its superior swimming abilities and power to hunt and smash baitfish. The Giant Treavally is known for stunning prey with its first strike and then circling back to engulf the wounded and/or disoriented baitfish. They will usually devour the prey quickly with one bite, as competition can be fierce from other members of the pack. As they grow, larger specimens move to deeper water and congregate over coral reefs and other underwater structure. Giant Trevally also venture onto flats, headlands and shallow water to hunt food. Giant Trevallies can be found along the reef edge and points where large pounding swells crash on the reef and rocks stirring up food and creating the ideal environment to hunt. Pound for pound, these are among the hardest-fighting fish in the sea. The current record comes from a plug cast from shore in Japan. Fishing for trevally is best in hotspots like the Seychelles and the edge of the outside reef at Christmas Island, which is also a world-class bonefishing destination. Average Length 23 inches - 5 feet Average Weight 30 - 60 lbs Habitat The Giant Trevally ranges from estuaries to coral reefs. Juvenile fish are prevalent in estuaries and river systems. . Range Distribution is widespread. They’re found in the warm tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans as far south as New South Wales in Australia, east to the Hawaiian Islands, west to the eastern islands of Africa and north to Japan. You will find Giant trevallies on the dive sites around the Gili Islands. Specially Deep Turbo, Halik and Sharkpoint are famous for seeing the trevallies. . .

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