zondag 21 april 2013

How to live on a tropical island...

The IDC has started! Ever dreamed of living on a tropical island? What can you do to be able to stay and make a living on a tropical island? Oceans 5 has the answer to that question and the possibilities to make you realize this dream! Become a Open Water Scuba Instructor! It doesn't matter if you LOVE scuba diving or if you've never tried it, if you feel comfortable in the water, scuba diving will probably become a new passion. The ocean is filled with colors and magic. Glide along the currents around the Gili Islands, become part of the world's biggest aquarium. Go on a treasure hunt in Gili's Muck, to discover creature you've never even dreamed existed. Do you want to make a living doing something you Love? Join the scuba diver PADI PRO's and live of your passion. This Instructor Development Course, we have 7 candidates. John, Alicia, Marco, Ben, Selina, Riet and Lucy. They are going for their dream! Are you looking for something extraordinary? To do something others can only dream of? To help people transform their lives? To open doors you didn't even know existed? All of this, and more, awaits you as a PADI Scuba Instructor. The IDC consists of 3 steps, the PADI Assistant Instructor course (AI), the PADI Open water scuba instructor (OWSI) and the Instructor exam (IE).

As a PADI Assistant Instructor, you not only gain additional experience as a PADI Professional scuba diver, but you also start learning the PADI System of diver education. You can act as an instructional scuba assistant and assume limited teaching responsibilities

The OWSI program is a minimum of four days. It introduces you to the entire PADI System of diver education and concentrates on further developing your abilities as a professional dive educator.

The IE is an evaluative two-day program conducted by one of the PADI Instructor Examiners. You’ll be asked to demonstrate your teaching ability, rescue ability and understanding of the PADI System and dive theory. The IE is pass-fail. PADI Instructor Examiners are highly trained professional PADI Course Directors who represent PADI’s international offices. Examiners may offer you helpful suggestions, but their primary job is to evaluate your performance. There’s no coaching at an IE, so you must go fully prepared. But no worries, the passing scores are the same as the IDC so you will be well prepared!

 It’s about life transformations—both yours and those around you. The fun part of instructor training is interacting with course participants while creating friendships that continue long after the course concludes.

For more info go to: IDC at Oceans 5 Dive resort, Gili Islands

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