zondag 6 mei 2012

Fusball Tournament on Gili Air, Gili Islands

Exciting days on Gili Air again. Twenty seven teeam are trying to become the champion of the Gili Air Fusbal tournament. On.e of the teams is Oceans 5. Oceans 5 played yesterday a very difficult match against FC Gromet from Lombok. At halftime Oceans 5 was in a 2-0 lead. But after halftime Gromet was amazing. In a few seconds the made 2 goals and the game was all open again. Oceans 5 looked defeaded, their game was not smooth anymore. But in a lucky moment out of the blue Gormet made a own goal. The game turned. Oceans 5 made his 4th goal and just a few seconds before the end Gormet made their 3th.
The result 4-3 for Oceans 5. It is a step closer to the next round!

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