woensdag 2 mei 2012

head of the islands joins beach and reef clean up, Gili islands

The Gili Islands dont have police, dogs, cars and motorbikes. Every island has his own head of the island. This person is the person when you have some problems, when you want to start building, when you want to start a business on the islands. His vote is crucial. The head of the island of Gili and some of his staff air did last year their Padi open water course. They were interested why tourists come to the Gili islands, and how the underwater world looks like. Once in a while the head of the island helps Oceans 5 dive resort with the weekly Beach and Reef clean up. And yesterday he and his staff came again and helped with out local staff to clean the harbor. The result of the beach and reef and reef clean up were another 5 full bags of rubbish. Mostly plastic, cans, bottles and waterbottles. Oceans 5 like to thank everyone who joined the clean up

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