zaterdag 12 januari 2013

Facts about Bigeyes

Bigeyes (Priacanthidae) Bigeyes are distinctive fish characterised by brilliant red colouration, small scales and large glassy eyes. Additional features include a relatively deep, laterally compressed body, very oblique mouth with a strongly projecting lower jaw, small conical jaw teeth in narrow bands, very small scales that are rough to touch, a scaled head, ans a relatively large pelvic fins, which are joined to the abdomen by a membrane. Although usually red, most species are capable of rapid colour changes, often assuming a heavily blotched, barred, or silvery pattern. As their large eyes might suggest, they are nocturnally active, feeding on a variety of ocropus, crustaceans, and small fish. During the day bigeyes are commonly seen sheltering close to the reef, usually in vicinity of caves or ledges. Some species range into deep water, at least down to 400 meter. They are commonly seen onb the reefs around the Gili Islands.

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