vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Facts about Hawkfish

Hawkfish (Cirrhitidae) Hawkfish are small, colourful reef dwellers that occur in most tropical seas. They are largely sedentary, remaining motionless on the bottom for long periods, periodically swimming to a new vantage point. They feed chiefly on small fishes, but a`variety of crabs, shrimps and other small crustaceans are also consumed. Hawksfish might best be described as grouper-like in shape with scorpionfish habits. They are characterised by the presence of thickened pectoral rays and one or more frilly treads near the tip of each dorsal spine. The stout pectoral rays are adapted for perching on the bottom or wedging amongst coral branches. The family constains 32 species in 12 genera, the majority of which inhabit coral reefs of the Indo west and central Pacific region. During a dive around the Gili Islands you will find them.

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