donderdag 16 mei 2013

Facts about Fusiliers

Fusilier These streamlined blue and yellow fish are found around coral reefs where they feed on zooplankton. Statistics They are approximately 40cm in length. Physical Description This silvery-blue fish has a fusiform, streamlined body, long dorsal fin and a forked tail. Some species have yellow or pink markings. All have small eyes and a tiny, distensible mouth. Closely related to snappers. Distribution They are found in Indian and West Pacific oceans. Around the Gili Islands you will find them at Sharkpoint, Halik, Soraya, Deep Turbo etc. Habitat They inhabit coastal areas, mainly near coral reefs. Diet Unlike their predatory relatives, the snappers, fusiliers are plantivores. They form large, mid-water feeding schools. Behaviour These schooling fish are often found around cleaning stations or along reef slopes. At night they shelter within the reef.

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