zaterdag 4 mei 2013

Tomorrow movie night at Oceans 5: The end of the line

Tuna is a multi- billion dollar global industry! It feeds million of people, it supports livelihoods and sustains economies in many marine areas. We are located in the Coral triangle, which is one of the most important places in the world for tuna,  tuna reproduces and migrates through the coral triangle. Commercially important species such as yellowfin, skipjack and bigeye tuna all come from this region. yellowfin_tuna_ISSF_MUIR_IMG_1730 WWF calls tuna the Ferrari of the ocean, true, they are powerful, sleek and made for speed, the atlantic bluefin tuna can swim up to 40 mph. World Tuna Day was yesterday! Lets celebrate the wonders and importance of this fish. Do you like Tuna? Tuna sashimi, Tuna steak, Tuna baguette,...  Watery mouth? Yeah, me too... :) Nevertheless we all know that some species, like the Southern bluefin tuna have been reduced seriously, close to the point of extinction. Why? Over-fishing, stocking of some tuna species,... I used to feel super guilty to eat tuna... Hi Hi Now I'm informed and know that not all tuna species are seriously endangered... Click on this image to see which tuna species are endangered and which are least concerned. Read more...

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