donderdag 22 augustus 2013

IDC Lombok August Day 4

IDC Gili Islands Day 4 The day of the presentations. The IDC candidates had the assignments to do a classroom presentation about the PADI Rescue Course and they had to prepare not 1 but 2 confined open water presentations for the afternoon. IDC dive resort Oceans 5 dive Gili Air likes to teach people to become real instructors. So the candidates have to reduce their preparation time like in real life. When they are a real PADI Dive instructor they can't say to the student, please wait for a hour because I have to prepare some skills first. IDC Gili Indonesia Dive resort 7 It was a very good day for Margot and Lewis; all passing scores. Today no homework. Tomorrow the IDC candidates have first all the Exams, Dive Theory and General Standards, then time to prepare their Open Water Presentations, and then their first time in the ocean. It will be fun! IDC Dive Resort Oceans 5 dive organizes every month IDC Gili islands with PADI Course Directors Sander Buis and Camille Lemmens. Oceans 5 dive resort has a special designed swimming pool for scuba diving which is perfect for PADI Instructor Courses, a special IDC classroom and Open Water training sites just 5 minutes away by boat. During the IDC you will use the latest teaching techniques, the complete system of PADI support materials, and will be continuously assessed on your teaching and presentation skills. PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens, Padi Course Director Sander Buis and our team of IDC Staff Instructors are committed to your success at the Instructor examination (IE). They also want to make sure that you are comfortable with teaching afterwards. The Instructor program at Oceans 5 Dive Resort exceeds the minimum required by PADI in terms of time and number of presentations you will prepare. For more information about IDCs: or our facebook page:

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