donderdag 22 augustus 2013

IDC Lombok Earprobleam

Ear problems are the kind of problems you better can't get during the PADI IDC. This time it was one of the IDC candidates that had some ear problems but PADI Course Director Sander Buis. [caption id="attachment_927" align="alignnone" width="300"]PADI Course Director helps IDC candidate to find the PADI performance requirements PADI Course Director helps IDC candidate[/caption] Sander went to the clinic on Gili Air after he had some problems with his ears, there the doctor advised him to stay out of the water for at least 1 day. It is not the news you are waiting for if you have to teach an IDC and when you like to spend every day a part of the day in the water to break the days. Well there is nothing what he could do about it, so Sander had to reschedule his IDC and instead of some Open Water Presentations, the candidates were doing classroom presentations and had to listen to Allen and Sander when they did some presentations. The IDC is still on schedule, The candidates, Lewis and Margot, are doing fine. Tomorrow they have there last classroom presentation, have to listen to the last presentations of Sander and Allen, and in the afternoon when everything is ok, they will be in the pool for their Confined Open Water Presentations 4 and 5. Because the group size of this IDC is not that big, Oceans 5 and PADI Course Director Sander decided to schedule more Confined Sessions in this IDC, the IDC candidates will see more problems, are getting more familiar with the PADI teaching system and will see more than a few skills. It will give the IDC candidates more confidents for the upcoming PADI Instructor Examination, and make them more an all-round PADI instructor. Well we see what the day will bring, if the ears of Sander let him into the water..... If you like to know more about the upcoming IDCs of Oceans 5: or the facebook page:

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