dinsdag 18 juni 2013

Top 10 Most Creepiest Fish: Number 4

Whoa! How would you like to see number four on the top ten creepiest fish list come barreling at you? These African fish are found in many lakes and rivers on the continent. A relative of the piranha, tiger fish are savage predators with distinctive protruding teeth. Eating anything that will fit in its jaws, the tiger fish hides bank side to surprise its prey, up to its own size, with a fatal blow. While smaller fish are often bitten in half, larger targets will continue to be attacked until dead. An anticoagulant slime covers the teeth of tiger fish, preventing wounds inflicted from healing. Generally growing to be 30 inches long, tiger fish weigh in at around 15 pounds. The largest ever caught was in Kariba in 1962, measuring 32 inches and weighing 34 pounds. For predators, tiger fish have a fairly low tolerance for poor water conditions. Spotting one is a good indication of clean water. Not much of a pro to that con in my book!

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