dinsdag 4 juni 2013

Top 10 Most Creepiest Fish: Number 9

The Stonefish Securing ninth place on the list of the top ten creepiest fish, the stonefish is clearly a master of camouflage. Does he look angry to anyone else? Believed to be the deadliest fish in the world, it is definitely the most venomous. Stonefish inhabit coral reefs primarily, but can also be found dormant in mud or sand in the Indo-Pacific region and northern Australian waters. Though the diet of this unnoticeable creature consist of shrimp and small fish, it poses a threat to many more. A row of thirteen venomous spines line its back, protecting it from attacks by bottom-feeding sharks and rays. When pressure is applied to the spines, glands involuntarily expel venom in to victim. After a few weeks, the glands regenerate and recharge. Stonefish are not harmful to us unless stepped on or caught. Wearing a thick soled shoe and treading lightly will help protect you, but the spines have the ability to pierce an average shoe easily! Once stung, excruciating pain and a great deal of swelling develops rapidly causing death to tissues. The depth of the penetration determines the severity of the symptoms which are; muscle weakness, temporary paralysis and shock, and death if not treated.

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