zondag 16 juni 2013

Top 10 Most Creepiest Fish: Number 7

The Blobfish This poor thing looks as though he was just shown a mirror! The fact that such things exist outside of cartoons earned the blobfish a solid spot on the top ten creepiest fish list! Aside from having a face only a mother could love, the blobfish has no muscles. They survive on a feeding strategy that consist of sitting and waiting for anything edible to float by. With Jelly-like flesh that is slightly lighter than water, they are able to float above the sea floor without the need to expend energy or scarce oxygen to swim. The low density flesh substitutes for a gas-filled swim bladder fish in waters less deep posses. However, at 300 ft depths, the pressure is about 80 times higher than sea level, so any gas would be too compressed to serve it's purpose. Blobfish are rarely seen by humans due to the inaccessibility of its habitat You like to know more: http://www.oceans5dive.com

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