zondag 16 juni 2013

Top 10 Most Creepiest Fish: Number 6

Number six on the top ten creepiest fish list is this eco-nightmare! Snakehead fish have the unique ability to survive in and out of water for long periods of time! Native to China, Russia, and Korea the snakehead fish found their way to the United States. Several of these predators were found in a pond in Crofton, Maryland leading to major media coverage. Considered to be highly invasive, the snakehead fish immediately become top of the food chain in US Lakes and ponds, and are illegal to own. After inhabiting a pond or lake, they eat every living creature in it. Without discrimination, a snakehead will eat everything from plankton and insects, to carp and mollusks. Once the food sources have been depleted, they jump out of the water and travel to new nearby bodies of water eating frogs, mice, rats, and small birds along the way! Most snakeheads grow to be 2 or 3 ft and weigh more than 15 pounds. Without natural predators in their new environment, these invaders can degrade ecosystems, drive native fish to extinction, and cost billions of dollars every year for eradication. Scarier still, is the reproduction rate of snakehead fish. Reaching sexual maturity between the ages of 2 and 3, each female can release up to 15,000 eggs at once and can mate up to five times a year! In just two years, each spawning-age female can release up to 150,000 eggs. I hope they taste good! For more information: http://www.oceans5dive.com

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